February 9th, 2014 - Misanthropy Released
After a LONG time, I am finally releasing my album Misanthropy.

It has taken me just a little under two full years to complete it.

It has become a chronicle of sorts.  Documenting via song betrayal, heartbreak, resentment, depression, anger and hate.  (Sort of like the five stages of loss and grief with another step for hate.)

I hope you enjoy listening to it.  A lot of feeling (although not always readily transparent) went into the writing of these songs.  Sometimes, listening and reflecting back upon the situations which caused these songs to be rought into existance in the first place, seem as painful now as they did then.

Without further ado, I present to you...  Misanthropy.

eric @ aschenwelt dot kom

01.) Selvmordengel (Suicide Angel)
02.) The Foul Stench of Redemption
03.) Grip of Insanity
04.) Hjerte i Stykker (Heart in Pieces)
05.) Fakk
06.) Malice
07.) Sidewalk Dub
08.) Without You
09.) Sørgelig (Sorrow)
10.) The Crying Ones
11.) Four Black Walls
12.) Fuck It and Fuck You Too
13.) Vengeance
14.) Trazastoned
Download Entire Album Here